The Conveyor Belt performance consists of interleaved and mutually interacting phases of acoustic and visual manifestation.

By use of the cello, the electric guitar and looping technology, layers of sound and superimpositions are created that eventually evoke an acoustic atmosphere.

Having reached a state of stability, the acoustic environment perpetuates devoid of the addition of further material.

The individual loops are asynchronous and maintain a complex temporal interrelationship, thus creating a dynamic flow of the acoustic events.

At this moment the performers change from the acoustic to the visual domain by creating visual representations using duct tape and adhesive film, either corresponding or contradicting the acoustic environment.

The two-phase cycle of sound creation and subsequent visual reaction is performed in 3 to 4 sets.


By placing a microphone amid the audience the spectators unknowingly contribute to the acoustic fraction: The sound received by this microphone is alienated and admixed to the loops developed by the performers.


Bio Musical Duo
Bio Bernhard Wagner
Bio Andreas Holstein

Gig at the Lebewohlfabrik


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